Disorders of the gastro-intestinal system in rabbits

Kim Chilson     

Important to ALL rabbit owners

Monitoring the weight of a rabbit, by Dr Amir Maurer

Bunny 201, a course covering digestive disorders and first help for the affected rabbit, by Marlene Larkin and the Georgia House Rabbit Society.


Differential diagnosis

Normal and abnormal fecal and cecal productions of rabbits in picture

Ileus (intestinal blocage) in rabbits

Differential diagnosis for megacolon in rabbits


Anatomy and biology of the digestive tract

Anatomy of the tongue in rabbits, by Esther van Praag

Rabbit Gastro-Intestinal Physiology, by R. Rees Davies and J. A. E. Rees Davies



Case report: hepatic steatosis (fatty liver) in a rabbit

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Newborn and young rabbits

Weaning diarrhea in young rabbits

Offspring feeding time (rabbit kits)

Protective role of Lactobacillus caseiin newborn rabbits


Viral diseases

Viruses of the wild and domestic rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus), presentation by Esther van Praag, Ph.D. (PDF)

Formation of cauliflower-like growths on the skin and mucous membrane of rabbits, by Patrick Jacquaz, Tiffany Adams, Marjorie Panchaud, Arie van Praag, Julie Smith and Esther van Praag

Anal or anorectal papilloma


Bacterial infections

Bacterial enteritis and diarrhea in weaned and adult rabbits

Use of GI stimulating drugs in rabbits suffering from diarrhea ? 

Be cautious, rabbit pseudotuberculosis is transferable to humans, by Michel Gruaz


Protozoal infections

Hepatic and intestinal coccidiosis

Coccidiosis: impression smear of liver tissue from a rabbit, by R. K. Al-Rukibat et al.

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Parasitic roundworms

Parasitic worms: Generalities - Nematode worms

Dermatoxys veligera

Graphidium strigosum

Passalurus ambiguus or rabbit pinworms

Nematodirus leporis

Obeliscoides cuniculi

Trichostrongylus sp.


Parasitic flatworms (tapeworms)

Tapeworm: rabbit as an intermediate host

Tapeworm: rabbit as a definitive host

Cysticercosis and hydatid echinococcosis, dangerous parasitic larval forms in rabbits, by Esther Van Praag


Congenital disorder

Megacolon in spotted/checkered rabbits, the story of sweet Zippy

Rabbit Megacolon Syndrome (RMS) remains poorly identified in checkered (spotted) rabbits, by Michel Gruaz, Urban Hamman, Arie van Praag and Esther van Praag (PDF)

Megacolon, by D. Bödeker, O. Türk, E. Lovén, D. Wieberneit and W. Wegner


Metabolic diseases


Case report: Five year old rabbit that suffers from chronic hypoalbuminemia and hyperglycemia, by Valérie Nagy and Esther van Praag



Carmela, acute bloat in a 3 years old rabbit, by R. Ihlenfeldt and B. Schweitz (with radiographs)

Acute onset of bloat can affect any rabbit (with radiographs)

Hernia of the umbilicus and the linea alba in rabbits, by Michel Gruaz and Esther van Praag

Ileus in domestic rabbits, by D. Krempels, M. Cotter and G. Stanzione.

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Liver and gallbladder anomalies

The liver, a delicate organ in rabbits, by Michel Gruaz and Esther van Praag

Double or duplicate gallbladder in a harlequin breed rabbit, by Michel Gruaz

Case report: hepatic steatosis (fatty liver) in a rabbit

“Head-down syndrome” in a rabbit - possible causes

“Head-down syndrome” or “Twilight's syndrome" Was it hepatic encephalothy ?, by Suzanne Trayhan



Use of probiotics in rabbits


Vitamin deficiencies

Vitamin A, mysterious and often neglected, Philippe Ginfray, Esther Van Praag

Vitamin D deficiency in rabbits, Esther Van Praag

Drug induced folic acid (vit B9) deficiency in a hydrocephalus mini lop rabbit, Esther van Praag       


Food related issues

Vegetables, video by Debbie Hanson, with the collaboration of Barbara Schmeitz and the rabbit Pixel.


Feeding the house rabbit 1: Hay, by Camilla Bergstrøm

Feeding the house rabbit 2: Vegetable, by Camilla Bergstrøm

Feeding the house rabbit 3: Herbs, by Camilla Bergstrøm

Feeding the house rabbit 4: Fruit and Berries, by Camilla Bergstrøm

Feeding the house rabbit 5: Flowers, by Camilla Bergstrøm

Feeding the house rabbit 6: Twigs and Branches, by Camilla Bergstrøm

Feeding the house rabbit 7: Pellets, by Camilla Bergstrøm

Feeding the house rabbit, by Camilla Bergstrøm (in pfd form)

Toxic plants, by Camilla Bergstrøm (in pfd form)

Can rabbits eat yogurt or dairy products ?

Can rabbits eat onion of garlic ?



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