Kaspi, Zippy and Yara (2013)

New pages and additions in






January 2015

New: Probable periosteal osteosarcoma in a rabbit (PDF)


February 2015

New: Congestive heart failure in rabbits, (PDF) with detailed information, x-rays and list of medication


March 2015

New: Self-injurious behavior in rabbits and does (PDF)


April 2015

The use of megavoltage radiation therapy in the treatment of thymomas in rabbits: 19 cases, by K. M. Andres, M. Kent, C. T. Siedlecki, J. Mayer, J. Brandấo, M. G. Hawkins, J. K. Morrisey, K. Quesenberry, V. E. Valli and R. A. Bennett

New: Lipid keratopathy in a rabbit, by Michel Gruaz and Esther van Praag


May 2015

New: Drug induced folic acid (vit B9) deficiency in a hydrocephalus mini lop rabbit (PDF), with detailed information, pictures and x-rays and analysis of blood test results.




February 2014

New section about congenital defects and hereditary anomalies in rabbits:

Congenital defects or birth anomalies

New: Rare birth anomaly in a one day old Belgian beard rabbit:

Rabbit newborn with frontal encephalocele

New: Fused vertebra in the tail of a Flemish giant rabbit


May 2014

Video showing early signs of balance loss in a rabbit on the paresis differential page.
Flora who developped encephalitozoonosis.

Addition of papilloma pictures in rabbits:

Do horned rabbits really exist ? Papillomatosis (warts)


June 2014

General muscle weakness or “Floppy rabbit syndrome”.

With pictures.


September 2014

New: Vitamin D deficiency in rabbits (PDF)


October 2014

New: Vitamin A, mysterious and often neglected (PDF)


November 2014

New: Toxoplasmosis, an unrecognized parasitosis in rabbits (PDF)


December 2014

Deformation of anterior limbs in rabbits (PDF)




January 2013

Deformed X and O limbs in rabbits with detailed information, x-rays and list of medication


June 2013

Congenital anomaly in male rabbits: split penis or hypospadias


October 2013

Updated: Lordosis, scoliosis or kyphosis spine deformations are observed in rabbits too




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