Lop rabbit - The Royal Natural History, Volume 3 edited by Richard Lydekker, 1894

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MediRabbit.com is an educative and non-profit website based in Geneva, Switzerland. It is an independent website, without partneship or affiliation to industry or associations, and without sponsors. Its aim is to share quality information about rabbit medicine: description of diseases, clinical signs and diagnosis, proper treatment, surgical procedures, radiographs with explanations, differentials, case reports, safe medication, etc. Information contained in MediRabbit.com is regularly updated and new information or illustrations are added.

Rabbit medicine is a fascinating world. Thanks to international and Swiss collaborators, it is possible to illustrate diseases affecting rabbits with good quality pictures and videos, common health affections as well as rare defects or anomalies. To continue to improve the site, MediRabbit.com welcomes your help (pictures of diseases, X-rays, scan, microscopy, videos, etc). If you are interested to participate, do not hesitate to contact the owner.

MediRabbit.com does offer teaching and lectures about rabbit biology or health topics from academic veterinary level to owner level. Or do you need a second opinion about a diagnosis ? Or counseling on nutrition, proper restraint ? For details, see MediRabbit.com Services.

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Skin Diseases of Rabbits

E. van Praag, A. Maurer et T. Saarony

2010, 408 pages. $ 85.-

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Transport, Restraint and Manipulation of Rabbits

Esther van Praag and Amir Maurer

ed: Tal Saarony and Debbie Hanson

2011, 36 pages . $ 19.50

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Diseases and parasites

Dental disorders

Bone and skeletal disorders (fracture, arthritis, splay legs...)

Cardiology and cardiovascular disorders

Congenital anomalies and birth defects

Gastro-intestinal disorders

Hematology and blood related topics

Disorders and parasitosis of the nervous system

Masses and tumors: benign, premaligant or malignant (cancer)

Ophthalmic (eye-related) diseases

Parasites of rabbits

Respiratory diseases: disorders of the upper and lower airways

Skin disorders, defects and parasites

Urogenital and reproductive disorders (kidney, bladder, reproductive organs)



Radiographies (X-rays) of rabbits explained


Surgery and post-surgical care

Preparation for surgery, anesthesia, and surgical procedures (e.g. fracture, castration, ear resection in rabbits

Post-surgical care e.g. pain medication, bandaging, etc



Drugs safe for use in rabbits (analgesics, antibiotics, anesthetics)

Drugs that endanger the life of the rabbit



Safe handling, restraining and transportation of rabbits



A selection of rabbit breeds

Lagomorphs around the world



Food related themes (safe food, toxic food, etc)



Diseases and parasites that rabbits may transmit


Rabbit stories

My Pet Rabbits

Rabbit therapists or rabbit worries


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MediRabbit Services

Teaching and Lectures

2nd opinion: proper diagnosis is essential when it comes to treating a rabbit

Rabbit grooming, nail cutting, carrying, restraint and nutrition counseling


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