List of MediRabbit scientific publications / case reports


Kim Chilson



Anatomy of the tongue in rabbits, by Esther van Praag

Formation of cauliflower-like growths on the skin and mucous membrane of rabbits, by Patrick Jacquaz, Tiffany Adams, Marjorie Panchaud, Arie van Praag, Julie Smith and Esther van Praag

Viruses of the wild and domestic rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus), presentation by Esther van Praag, Ph.D. (PDF)




Hernia of the umbilicus and the linea alba in rabbits,

Michel Gruaz and Esther van Praag

History of the rabbit “Le Riche” that has become the Champagne Silver

Michel Gruaz, Arie van Praag, and Esther van Praag

Belgian Bearded Rabbit: history of the breed, consanguinity and observed malformations

Michel Gruaz, Arie Van Praag, Res Ogi, Esther van Praag




Deformities of the spine are also observed in rabbits

Kim Chilson, Cécile Gruhier, Michel Gruaz, Esther van Praag

Rabbit socks for pododermatitis or foot wounds

Esther van Praag

Facial bacterial abscesses and dermatitis in rabbits

Caroline Charland, Michel Gruaz, Karan Nixon, Esther van Praag

Bacterial septic arthritis in the tarsal joint bones of two rabbits

Amin Azadian, Debbie Hanson, Esther van Praag



Causes of mortality in newborn rabbits

Esther Van Praag

Bilateral symmetrical alopecia is sporadically observed in male and female rabbits

Janet Geren, Kim Chilson, Esther Van Praag

Case report: Mitsie, a rabbit suffering from cutaneous calcinosis circumscripta and chronic renal failure

Katka Pruskova, Esther Van Praag

Pregnancy toxemia, dystocia and uterine prolapse observed in does at the end of the gestation period

Michel Gruaz, Arie van Praag, Luc Page, Esther Van Praag

Ear pinnae of a lop rabbit show skin burns, phlebitis and necrosis after daily cleaning with chlorhexidine

Esther van Praag

Case report: Five year old rabbit that suffers from chronic hypoalbuminemia and hyperglycemia

Valerie Nagy and Esther Van Praag




Is increased use of air-conditioning linked to increased rate of respiratory diseases in rabbits ?  

Esther van Praag

Incomplete aniridia in a young rabbit belonging to the “Dutch” breed. 

Esther van Praag and Michel Gruaz

ALERT: administration of gabapentin in the treatment of arthritis leads to serious side-effects in rabbits !!!  

Esther van Praag

Heterochromia of the iris in rabbits belonging to the Dutch breed

Kimberly Butler, Beth DeGeorge, Gabriela Dunn, Julie VanGyzen, Michel Gruaz, Arie van Praag and Esther van Praag

Newborn rabbit with a congenital upper eyelid agenesis and a cephalocele

Luc Page, Michel Gruaz, and Esther Van Praag

Unilateral agenesis of the fibula and tibia and bilateral congenital apodia in a Rex rabbit  

Janet E Geren and Esther Van Praag

Causes of infertility in male rabbits 

Esther van Praag

Photography in Veterinary Medicine 

Esther van Praag

Unusual rabbit happenings, celebration of the human spirit or scientific realities ?

Esther van Praag



Low hanging or pendulous testis caused by collagen dysplasia in some non-neutered male rabbits ?

Esther van Praag

Cysticercosis and hydatid echinococcosis, dangerous parasitic larval forms in rabbits

Esther Van Praag

Accidental poisoning with the Lindane pesticide in a few rabbit 

Michel Gruaz and Esther Van Praag

Irritants of the respiratory airways in a rabbit: gaseous ammonia and ozone 

Esther van Praag

Deformed claws in a rabbit, after traumatic fractures 

Esther Van Praag

Heatstroke in rabbits 

Michel Gruaz, Janet Geren, and Esther Van Praag

Drug induced folic acid (vit B9) deficiency in a hydrocephalus mini lop rabbit 

Esther van Praag

Lipid keratopathy in rabbits

Esther Van Praag

Self-injurious behavior in rabbits and does

Esther Van Praag

Congestive heart failure in rabbits 

Esther Van Praag

Probable periosteal osteosarcoma in a rabbit 

Esther Van Praag



Deformation of anterior limbs in rabbits

Esther Van Praag

Toxoplasmosis, an unrecognized parasitosis in rabbits 

Esther Van Praag

Vitamin A, mysterious and often neglected 

Philippe Ginfray and Esther Van Praag

Vitamin D deficiency in rabbits 

Esther Van Praag

Les pattes, bonnes indicatrices de santé du lapin (1) 

Esther Van Praag

Paws are good informers of the health of rabbits (2) 

Esther Van Praag

"Floppy rabbit syndrome" -  General muscle weakness 

Esther Van Praag

Les escarres plantaires, un problème difficile 

Esther van Praag

Newborn acephalous rabbit newborn (parasitic twin monster) 

Michel Gruaz and Esther Van Praag

Maladies des voies respiratoires profondes

Esther Van Praag

Domestication du lapin et maladies respiratoires

Esther Van Praag

Newborn rabbit with frontal encephalocele 

Michel Gruaz and Esther Van Praag



Congenital anomaly in male rabbits: split penis or hypospadias 

Esther van Praag

Mégacôlon chez les lapins « chaplin » 

Esther Van Praag


Thanks to Kim Chilson, for her lovely illustration