A nyúl táplálása

Kim Chilson



Why do pet rabbits suffer so often from dental and digestive problems ?Suggestions about feeding of rabbits  (Warum leiden Hauskaninchen so häufig an Gebiss- und Verdauungsproblemen? Ein Ratgeber für die Ernährung von Kaninchen), by Dr. Estella Böhmer (in German)


Feeding the young

Offspring feeding time (rabbit kits)

Protective role of Lactobacillus casei in newborn rabbits


Importance of vitamins

Vitamin A, mysterious and often neglected

Vitamin D deficiency in rabbits

Drug induced folic acid (vit B9) deficiency in a hydrocephalus mini lop rabbit

Handbook for natural rabbit health with herbs and other natural products (in Dutch)

Maria Groot, RIKILT Wageningen University, Esther van Praag, MediRabbit and Tedje van Asseldonk, IEZ, 2017, 211 pages. Free

Click on the link or image to download a free copy  

Rabbit Feeding

Vegetables, video by Debbie Hanson, with the collaboration of Barbara Schmeitz and the rabbit Pixel.


Feeding the house rabbit 1: Hay, by Camilla Bergstrřm

Feeding the house rabbit 2: Vegetables, by Camilla Bergstrřm (with 2 videos)

A nyúl táplálása 3: Friss fűszernövények, by Camilla Bergstrřm

Feeding the house rabbit 4: Fruit and Berries, by Camilla Bergstrřm

A nyúl táplálása 5: Virágok, by Camilla Bergstrřm

A nyúl táplálása: Gallyak, és ágak, by Camilla Bergstrřm

Feeding the house rabbit 7: Pellets, by Camilla Bergstrřm

Feeding the house rabbit, by Camilla Bergstrřm

Feeding time (rabbit kittens)

Can rabbits eat yogurt or dairy products ?

Can rabbits eat onion of garlic ?

Use of probiotics in rabbits


There is no exhaustive list available for plants toxic to rabbits. It is thus best to consult various lists. If a plant is not listed in any of the following links, it does not mean that the plant is safe for consumption.

When in doubt, do not to feed the plant at all.


Food safety

Plants toxic to rabbits, by Camilla Bergstrřm

Toxic plants, by OHS Rabbit Advocates




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