Kim Chilson

Bone and skeletal disorders





For radiographs of the skull, spine, hip and limb region, see: Radiography and ultrasound of rabbits

Lack of exercise

Muscular and skeletal degeneration in rabbits that lack exercise


Bone deformities

Deformed X and O limbs in rabbits

Deformation of anterior limbs in rabbits(PDF)

Lordosis, scoliosis or kyphosis spine deformations are observed in rabbits too

Fuzzy's Dislocated Hips, by Eloise Jory


Limb fracture

Limb fracture and pinning of the broken bone

Case report: 8 week old Wyatt suffering from a broken knee

Case report: broken femur head in a young rabbit. Can amputation be avoided ?, by Sorelle Saidman

Rabbit with broken calcaneal tuber (pelvic limb) and possible bacterial joint infection, radiography and explanation, by Debbie Hanson. In collaboration with Dr. Dan Jordan and the rabbit Parker.

Pelvic limb with broken calcaneal tuber, bacterial joint infection and demonstration of needle aspiration biopsy and cytology, by Debbie Hanson. In collaboration with Dr. Dan Jordan and the rabbit Parker.


Nail, bone and joint disorders

Deformed claws in a rabbit, after traumatic fractures, Esther Van Praag

Arthritis, and the use of glucosamine/chondroitin

Osteophytes, bone spurs, bone outgrowth


Congenital skeletal disorders

Fused vertebra in the tail of a Flemish giant rabbit

Unilateral agenesis of the fibula and tibia and bilateral congenital apodia in a Rex rabbit, by Janet E Geren and Esther Van Praag

Rabbits with genetic splay-leg

Bracing a Baby Bunny with "Splay-Leg", by Dana Krempels, Ph.D.

Seabert , or the story of a very special newborn (in French, richly illustrated, with permission of

A big thanks to Kim Chilson for her lovely illustration.