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בעיות שיניים


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קים צ'ילסון


Recommendation to ALL rabbit owners

Monitoring the weight of a rabbit

Why do I need to body condition score my rabbit ? by Brigitte Reusch, DVM



Warum leiden Hauskaninchen so häufig an Gebiss- und Verdauungsproblemen? Ein Ratgeber für die Ernährung von Kaninchen (Why do pet rabbits suffer so often from dentition and digestion problems ? A guide for the nutrition of rabbits), by Dr. Estella Böhmer (German)

Dentistry in Rabbits and Rodents, by Dr. Estella Böhmer

ATLAS de Dentisterie du Lapin de compagnie, by Dr. Didier Boussarie (French)

Rabbit and Rodent Dentistry Handbook, by Dr. Vittorio Capello, mit Dr. Margherita Gracis; edited by Angela M. Lennox (English)

Some pages can be viewed here.


Rabbit dentition

Anatomy of the teeth, by Dale Kressin, DVM, FAVD, Dipl. AVDC

Healthy rabbit dentition

Malocclusion and other common dental disorders in rabbits

Facial abscesses, by M. Gruaz

Dental dysplasia: pseudo-odontome (elodontome) in rabbits


Skull and dental radiographies

Rabbit skull radiology, by C. Holson and D. Martinez-Jimenez

See : Radiography and ultrasound of rabbits



NEVER trim overgrown incisors of rabbits yourself !!!

Rabbit dentistry, by Dr. A. Meredith

Objective interpretation of dental disease in rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. Use of anatomical reference lines.Drs E. Boehmer und D. Crossley

Dentistry in Pet Rabbits, by Dr. Frank, J. M. Verstraete, and Dr. Anna Osofsky


אבחנה מבדלת

פטיאליזם (ייצור עודף של רוק)

Excessive secretion of saliva and coughing



Formation of cauliflower-like growths on the skin and mucous membrane of rabbits, by Patrick Jacquaz, Tiffany Adams, Marjorie Panchaud, Arie van Praag, Julie Smith and Esther van Praag


מבט על בעיות שיניים של ארנבונים

בחינה שינייםוידאו על בעיות שיניים בארנבונים , על ידי דאבי האנסון. קריינות: רואי כראזאן,

D.V.M., עם הארנבון פיקסל.



Dental treatment and surgery

Case report: Stella suffering from severe incisor and molar malocclusion. Details of the case and video's of her dental surgery, by D. Hanson, with Manley May, DVM, (Pearland Pet Health Center, Houston, USA).



תודה גדולה לקים צ'ילסון על האילוסטרצייה הנפלאה.


בית : אימייל


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