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Recommendation to ALL rabbit owners

Monitoring the weight of a rabbit

Miért kell a kondíció pontszám a nyúlnál ? by Brigitte Reusch, DVM


Skull and dental radiographies

See : Radiography and ultrasound of rabbits



NEVER trim the incisors of your rabbit yourself !!!

Rabbit dentistry, by Dr. A. Meredith

Dentistry in Pet Rabbits, by Dr. Frank, J. M. Verstraete, and Dr. Anna Osofsky


Differential diagnosis

Ptyalism vagy nyáladzó nyulak

Excessive secretion of saliva and coughing


Overview of dental problems in rabbits

Dental exam Video about dental issues in rabbits, by Debbie Hanson

Speaking: Roy Cruzen, DVM, with the rabbit Pixel


Rabbit dentition

Anatomy of the teeth, by Dale Kressin, DVM, FAVD, Dipl. AVDC

A nyúl egészséges fogazata

Malocclusion and other common dental disorders in rabbits

Facial abscesses, by M. Gruaz

Fogászati diszplázia: Ál-odontoma (elodontoma) a nyulaknál


Dental treatment and surgery

Case report: Stella: severe malocclusion of incosirs and molars. Includes detailed video's of her dental surgery, by D. Hanson, with Manley May, DVM, (Pearland Pet Health Center, Houston, USA), with the rabbit Stella.

Rabbit with broken jaw – healing without repair surgery, by Dani Tomlin