Skin diseases


קים צ'ילסון



Differential diagnosis for rabbit skin diseases

Varying shedding patterns among rabbits

Hair loss (alopecia) in rabbits


Viral diseases

Do horned rabbits really exist ? Papillomatosis (warts)



Herpes sp viruses in rabbits

Herpes simplex encephalitis in rabbits, by P. Grest et al.

Naturally occurring Herpes Simplex encephalitis in a domestic rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus), by H. Weissenböck et al.


Bacterial diseases

Skin abscess in rabbits

Abscess management in rabbit, an illustrated guide, by C. Macey

Case report: atypical treponematosis - rabbit syphilis in a rabbit, by T. Saarony

Pseudomonas aeruginosa or green fur syndrome

Schmorl’s disease or skin necrosis due to Fusobacterium necrophorum

Tularemia in rabbits


Fungal diseases

Fungal dermatosis


Arachnid skin parasites

Ear mite: Psoroptes cuniculi

Fur mites: Cheyletiella parasitovorax  and Listrophorus gibbus

Less Common Fur Mites: Trombicula autumnalis and Dermanyssus gallinae

Burrowing mites: Sarcoptes scabiei  and Notoedres cati

Ticks in rabbits


Insect skin parasites

Fleas and rabbits

Myiasis (fly-strike) in rabbits

Myiasis by botfly (Cuterebra sp.) in rabbits


Behavioral disease

Self-mutilating behavior in rabbits


“Mechanical” diseases

Ulcerative pododermatitis in rabbits

Ear-tags and leg-rings


Immune diseases

Sebaceous adenitis or inflammation of the sebaceous glands

Successful treatment of sebaceous adenitis in a rabbit with ciclosporin and triglycerides, by Annette Jassies-van der Lee, Yvonne van Zeeland, Marja Kik and Nico Schoemaker



Bandaging a rabbit hind-foot

Abscess management in rabbit, an illustrated guide, by C. Macey


A big thanks to Kim Chilson for the lovely illustration.



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