Kim Chilson

Kanin parasitter



Lever- og tarmkoksidiose

Coccidiosis: impression smear of liver tissue from a rabbit, av R. K. Al-Rukibat et al.

Encephalitozoon cuniculi

Illustrative guide of clinical signs of rabbits with E. cuniculi

Treatment options for Encephalitozoon cuniculi, a protozoal parasite of the nervous system in rabbits

Prevention and treatment of E. cuniculi infection in rabbits with fenbendazole, by C. Suter, U.U. Muller-Doblies, J.M. Hatt, P. Deplazes

Case report: Starsky, his experience with Encephalitozoon cuniculi and the treatment with pyrimethamine


Toxoplasmosis, an unrecognized parasitosis in rabbits, by Esther van Praag

Parasittiske rundormer

Generelt om parasitter i kaninens ford°yelseskanal (nematoder)

Dermatoxys veligera

Graphidium strigosum

Passalurus ambiguus

Nematodirus leporis

Obeliscoides cuniculi

Trichostrongylus sp.

Parasitic flatworms (tapeworms)

Tapeworm: rabbit as an intermediate host

Tapeworm: rabbit as a definitive host

Cysticercosis and hydatid echinococcosis, dangerous parasitic larval forms in rabbits, by Esther Van Praag

Parasitic flatworms (tapeworms)

Øremidd: Psoroptes cuniculi

Pelsmidd: Cheyletiella parasitivorax og Listrophorus gibbus

Mindre vanlig pelsmidd: Trombicula autumnalis og Dermanyssus gallinae

Skabbmidd: Sarcoptes scabiei og Notoedres cati


MediRabbit - Detail of rabbit foot with tick gripped to fur

Insect skin parasites



Flystrike – don’t get caught out, by the UK Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund

Myiasis by botfly (Cuterebra sp.) in rabbits

Thanks to Kim Chilson, for her lovely illustrations