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Un merci sincère pour votre contribution importante et appréciée (photos, information, temps) à MediRabbit.com

Kim Chilson

Arizona, USA

Rabbits took me by surprise. It started with 1 small black and white mini lop rabbit meant as a "quiet, easy to care for" companion for my young daughter. It turned into a wonderful experience that spilled over into my artwork, social network, and family time.

I turned to the Internet when our bunny developed health problems, and through that resource found a busy rabbit rescue here in Mesa, Arizona, where I was able to meet and care for a lot of rabbits. It included a wide mix of ages, health conditions types, and personalities. I was lucky enough to have a fantastic vet nearby, and with his help, and kind people such as the ones that started Medirabbit; was able to start learning more about these wonderful creatures that soon filled my home, sketchbooks, reading lists, and every minute of every day! Thank you to everyone that helped, and especially to the people contributing to resources such as Medirabbit. I hope to always have rabbits in my life.


Michel Gruaz

Vufflens-la-Ville, Switzerland




Debbie Hanson

Texas, USA


Mrs. Debbie Hanson obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Texas Tech University (Texas, USA) with a major in English Language Arts and a minor in Reading. After 16 years of teaching Language Arts and Reading in the public school system she enrolled at the Art Institute of Houston, where she received an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Web Design and Interactive Media.

Mrs. Hanson has owned dogs, cats, and, most recently, rabbits. She was dismayed at the lack of good veterinary information concerning rabbits and decided to combine her educational and professional experience in an effort to educate the public about common and uncommon rabbit health issues. Volunteering with a local rabbit rescue group provided her with access to local rabbit-experienced exotic veterinarians who generously allowed Mrs. Hanson to video tape them as they diagnosed and treated rabbits with health issues. In collaboration with Dr. van Praag, Mrs. Hanson has produced twenty-three videos dealing with rabbit health issues ranging from clipping nails to surgically correcting severe malocclusions. These videos have been viewed over 160,000 times on the YouTube channel, “Fast Up on Rabbit Care”:  http://www.youtube.com/user/FastUpOnRabbitCare

Mrs. Hanson lives with her husband and 4 rabbits in Houston (USA).



Bonnie Salt

Massachussetts, USA

In 1999 I ‘bunny sat’ my daughter’s 3 year old mini lop Romeo while her apartment ceiling was being repaired. It was love at first binky for me and I managed to convince my daughter to leave Romeo with me forever. As with everything I do, I became obsessed with learning as much as possible about lagomorphs in order to provide little Romeo with the best of everything. What I found about rabbit care in those days was less than informative and accurate. Poor Romeo suffered from horrible dental issues, something his veterinarian missed completely, even though she touted herself as an exotic pet specialist. Romeo died at 6 years old, which in those days was thought to be a decent life span for a house rabbit.

In 2001 I adopted Duncan Bunny who we guessed was about 2 years old at the time of adoption. Duncan was a very special rabbit indeed; he was hostile, lunged at me, bit me whenever possible and also growled if I tried to get near him. His inability to trust me or let me near him made me all the more determined to find a way to prove to him that I was his friend. After 2 months of sitting next to him and talking to him twice a day while he ate, he became comfortable enough to take little treats from my hand. After 3 months, he finally rewarded me with his friendship by taking a raisin from my hand and promptly hopping up on my lap. We were bonded, and it was indescribably gratifying.

With Duncan Bunny came lots of medical and dental issues. Via the Internet I became familiar with Dr. Van Praag and Medirabbit, as well as many wonderful people involved with the web site. Without their friendship, advice and help, and the help of Duncan’s local vet( who actually has her own pet rabbit), Duncan Bunny lived to be at least 10 years old in spite of his constant dental issues with molar spurs, several tooth extractions, several abscesses, bouts of pneumonia and finally the cancer to which he succumbed in February 2012.

I am determined to try to help rabbit medicine and care evolve in any possible way and hope that in the future more people will come to love and understand rabbits as the beautiful, gentle, intelligent creatures they are.


Tal Saarony

Oregon, USA


Tal Saarony graduated from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan (USA) with a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1991. She later moved to Japan to research and study Japanese textiles at Kyoto Institute of Technology. Her interest in working with language was acquired while living, studying, and working in different regions of the world. T. Saarony has been caring for rabbits for many years and has often been disappointed by the scarcity of resources available to rabbit owners and veterinarians. Her interest in rabbit health and well-being led her to volunteer to proofread and revise articles on the Medirabbit.com website and resulted in collaboration on the book "Skin Diseases of Rabbits"; she is committed to the educational goals of the project.

T. Saarony traveled to the USA from Japan with her 3 rabbits.



And many thanks also to all who have contributed to MediRabbit.com:


Zahi Aizenberg, DVM

The Koret School of Veterinary Medicine, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Connie Andrews


Berend Bakker


Linda Baley


Camilla Bergstrøm


Elvira Besomi


Estella Böhmer, DVM

Chirurgische und Gynäkologische Kleintierklinik, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, München, Germany

Josephine Browne


Amy Carpenter


Kim Chilson


Tom Chlebecek, DVM


Karen Comish


Arnold Dobkins


Frossie Economou


Christine Goodhand


Hugh Hanson


Katleen Hermans, DVM

Kliniek voor Pluimvee en Bijzondere Dieren, University of Gent, Belgium 

Prof.Richard Hoop

Institute of Veterinary Bacteriology, Vetsuisse Faculty, Zürich, Switzerland

Kate Jenkins


Debbie Jones


Dale Kressin, DVM


Susan Lehman.


Janet Lacey


Bill Langhofer, DVM

The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic, Scottsdale AZ, USA

Anat Madmony


Amir Maurer, DVM

Veterinary Center for Pet and Exotic Animals, Holon, Israel

Manley May, DVM

Pearland Pet Health Center, Pearland TX, USA

Heather McMurray, M.Sc.


Kostas Milonas


Ivana Milošević


Sandy Minshull


Christine Macey


Christiane Nastarowitz-Bien


Scott Nimmo, DVM

BVMS, MRCVS, Woodham Halt Veterinary Clinic, South Woodham Ferrers, England

Frances Ortiz

Puerto Rico

Prof. Ruby L. Perry

College of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University, USA

Dorota Pilich, DVM


Andrea Pons


Teresa Pyza


Ron Rees Davies, DVM

The Exotic Animal Centre, Romford, Essex, UK


The Netherlands

M. Schoenbaum, DVM

Ministry of Agriculture, Veterinary Services, Israel

Hilde Seep

The Netherlands

Shaene M. Steinauer


Suzanne Trayhan

House Rabbit Network, USA

Monika Ujvideki


Simone van der Meij

The Netherlands

Ils Vanderstaey


Louise and Arie van Praag


Suzanne Weegmann


David L. William, DVM

Veterinary Ophthalmology, Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge, UK

Akira Yamanouchi

The Veterinary Exotic Information Network System, Japan

Lore V. Young



and to those who chose to remain anonymous for their contribution of illustrative material, their help and their support.




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