House Rabbits International: Links



Swiss sites dedicated to rabbits

Kaninchen & Meerschweinchen Shop


Rabbit savvy vets in Israel

רח' דוד שאלתיאל 16, במרכז המסחרי של קרית רבין, חולון

טל' במרפאה 03-5516699


International educational or rabbit-health related sites in English


Videos on rabbit care, medical issues, by Debbie Hanson, in collaboration with different veterinarians and vet technicians

House Rabbit Society

The Merck Veterinary Manual

Rabbit Health Central

House Rabbit Network Articles Rabbit Health

Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue - Info

Rabbit References


Dutch rabbit links


French rabbit links

La biologie du lapin, de F. Lebas


German rabbit links, von Andrea Pons


Informative rabbit sites



Rabbit communication

The Language of Lagomorphs, What Your Rabbit is Saying and How to Speak Back, by Eric Mercer



Gardening and Plants of Israel

Garden and Forest, by Anat Madmony, Ph.D.