Ventro-dorsal radiography of the left hind foot

with a broken toe



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The x-ray was taken after my rabbit Tilda hurt her toe. I had her in a transport box and was lifting her up to her cage ("two-floor cage"). The door wasn't closed properly and she jumped out before she could hop into her cage. She fell on a hay holder attached to the cage and one of her legs was hurt before she fell to the ground. We took her to the vet and as you can see the outer toe on her left foot was broken. I closest toe was a little hurt as well. The vet wanted to amputate but it was summer and both I and the vet hesitated to do that. She pinned it and we went home. Unfortunately, my rabbit kicked it off pretty quickly. She also got some antibiotics in case it would be inflamed. It healed very well, however - one can't see that it has been broken today, it doesn't point outwards as I've seen on other rabbits, and she did her usual leaps of joys and running in the garden shortly after (of course I limited her space first so she wouldn't run around with that toe). We didn't do another x-ray after that.

The only thing I’ve noticed is that the claw on that toe doesn’t grow as well as the other claws.


X-ray of broken toe

V. Sjöberg



X-ray of healthy rabbit foot





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