Analgesi, Forkjellige kirurgiske prosedyrer


      Kim Chilson

  For radiographies of rabbits, see:

Rabbit radiographies


 For care of the rabbit after the surgery, see:

 Postkirurgisk pleie



Pre-anesthetic preparations of the rabbit

Anesthesia and its monitoring in rabbits , with 3 video's and pictures



Anesthetic agents

Pre-anesthetic drugs safe for use in rabbits

Anesthetic drugs safe for use in rabbits



Fluid therapy

Demonstration showing how to administer subcutaneous fluids to a rabbit, by Debbie Hanson. With the help of Barbara Schweitz.




Analgesic drugs

Analgesic drugs safe for use in rabbits




Limb radiography

Rabbit with broken calcaneal tuber (pelvic limb) and possible bacterial joint infection, radiography and explanation, by Debbie Hanson. In collaboration with Dr. Dan Jordan and the rabbit Parker.



Limb surgery

Limb fracture and pinning of a broken bone



Ear surgery

Ear resection in (lop) rabbits


Reproductive system surgery

Male reproductive tract and orchidectomy (castration surgery)

Ovariohysterectomy or spay of the female rabbit

Caesarean section in the female rabbit presenting a difficult delivery