Radiografi og ultralyd

Adar and Flora, by Kim Chilson



Rabbit radiography  (X-ray)


Skull radiography

Rabbit skull radiology, by C. Holson and D. Martinez-Jimenez

Laterolateral radiograph of a rabbit skull 


Skull and tooth related problems

Objective interpretation of dental disease in rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. Use of anatomical reference lines, by Dr. Estella Boehmer and Dr. David Crossley

Radiography of a rabbit suffering from dental malocclusion, before and after treatment

Radiography of a rabbit suffering from severe incisor and molar malocclusion

Radiography of a rabbit suffering from advanced dental disease and bilateral mandibular osteomyelitis

Radiography of a rabbit with a mandibular jaw abscess, by Dr. Estella Boehmer

Radiography of a rabbit with a mandibular jaw abscess, malocclusion and otitis media, by Dr. Estella Boehmer

Dental dysplasia: pseudo-odontoma (elodontoma) in a rabbit

Dental exam



Lateral and dorso-ventral radiographies of the thorax and abdomen of a healthy rabbit

Lateral radiography of the thorax and abdomen of a healthy rabbit B

Ventrodorsal radiography of the rabbit thorax and abdomen

Acute onset of bloat can affect every rabbit


Digestive tract

Young and older rabbits suffering from bloat: necropsy and X-rays

Dorso-ventral radiography of the abdomen of an obese rabbit: mass in stomach

Intestine filled with gas

Laterolateral radiography of the viscera: neoplasia



Latero-lateral and dorso-ventral radiographs of the neck of Twilight



Radiographs of the lower spine and pelvic regions

Lordosis, scoliosis or kyphosis spine deformations are observed in rabbits too

Rabbit with spine fracture


Pelvic region (hip)

Dorso-ventral radiographs of the hip


Lateral radiography of a thoracic limb of a rabbit: Elbow

Dorso-ventral radiography of the pelvic limb foot

Ventrodorsal radiography showing advanced arthritis of the thoracic foot

Lateral radiography of a fractured tibia in a rabbit, after insertion of a pin

Ventro-dorsal radiography of the left hind foot with a broken toe

Rabbit with broken calcaneal tuber (pelvic limb) and possible bacterial joint infection, radiography and explanation, by Debbie Hanson. In collaboration with Dr. Dan Jordan and the rabbit Parker.