Sichere Kaninchen-Medikamente


Kim Chilson



Drug Safety, by Kathy Smith

Questions related to the administration of a drug to a rabbit, by Steve Clegg

Subcutaneous Injections in Rabbits - Drawing the medicine into a syringe, by Naomi Dutch


Schmerzlindernde Mittel

Schmerzlindernde Medikamente für Kaninchen



Beruhigungs- oder Vor-Narkose-Mittel für Kaninchen

Sichere Narkose-Medikamente für Kaninchen



Sichere Antibiotika für Kaninchen

Cream that helps treat urine burn in rabbits, by Audrey Libouton

Liste der Antibiotika, die das Leben des Kaninchens nicht gefährden



Insecticidal or anti-parasitic drugs, safe for use in rabbits (table)

Drugs eliminating intestinal worms, safe for use in rabbits (table)

Treatment options for Encephalitozoon cuniculi, a protozoal parasite of the nervous system in rabbits

Prevention and treatment of Encephalitozoon cuniculi infection in rabbits with fenbendazole, by Suter C, Muller-Doblies UU, Hatt JM, Deplazes P.


Gut motility drugs


Metoclopramide HCl

Use of GI stimulating drugs in rabbits suffering from diarrhea ? 


Sludge treatment

Use of liquid magnesium in rabbits with chronic sludge


Tierärztliche Abkürzungen

Abkürzungen für Medikamenten-Verabreichung