The story about the bunnies: The Gray One and The Yellow One

Part 2 – At the vet for castrations



Sebastian from Croatia


Now rabbits, once small cubs grew bigger and again there was the danger of extending their numbers so some action was in order. Rabbits were situated in Makarska (Croatia) but the vet there was (and still is) working with cows, goats, cats and dogs so the rabbits were truly exotic to him. So, neutering and castration had to be done in Split. There I managed to find one veterinarian who dared to do rabbits and luckily at least surgery was not the problem anymore.

So I would take the rabbit to the doctor, the surgery is done same day and the rabbit stays at my place for about a week. I give him his medicines, than after seven or ten days the sutures are removed and the rabbit goes back to Makarska.

Ten days can be a long time and I learned a lot about each one rabbit’s personality. Most of them were either too scared or too inquisitive but one I liked very much. That was my Babe.

Actually, at first she was called just The Yellow One.

The first one to go was The Happy Yellow One. She was very cute but also very inquisitive. Somehow she was the first to go to be neutered. She was also pregnant at that time. Surgery went well and there were no ill consequences.

She was really happy creature. Always ready to explore, fearing almost nothing and no one. But I had to watch every step I made since she was always to pop out of somewhere pushing the nose. Where there was action, she was there too.

The Happy One inspects who's that taking photos over there

Now she founds me

But that's the reason she had to go back to Makarska. I simply wasn't ready to take care of her.

The Happy One - 05. Feb. 2010

The next to go was another Yellow One, she was the Happy One's sister. She was a bit shy, not at all like her sister. The surgery went well.

The Yellow Babe loved to nibble on young wheat sprouts

The Yellow Babe

Next one to go to be neutered was The Little Gray One. She was the smallest of all and also she always kept herself separated. She wasn't much interested in communications with humans. Actually, probably she needed more attention than there was available regarding the large number of rabbits. The Yellow Babe has already mapped all the space available and she of course marked it with her scent, so The Little Gray One found herself in quite hostile environment after arriving in Split. The Yellow Babe took care that nobody leaves this hostile smelling transporter.

The Little Gray One in Makarska garden


 Surgery went well and Little Gray One returned to Makarska neutered but well.

The next one to be neutered was Roktalica. She was the big one. She got her name by the sound she used to produce that was similar to the sounds that pigs produce. She also grew extremely large. She maybe even had 5kg at one time. At that point she was put to the diet allowing only unlimited hay but she remained as large as she was.


   What, may I or not?

 Thanks heaven, it seems everything is good so far.

The Little Yellow One followed next and then males were castrated, The Gray Teddy Bear and The Teddy Bear. There was no reason to castrate those except they were very aggressive fighting one each other and also spraying urine at anyone and anything. The Gray Mouse, last of the males was spared.

It was now time of fine tuning who gets along with whom. It took some time to figure out how to keep fighting among them to a minimum level.

At the end it looked like this:

Teddy Bear and The Happy One.

Gray Bear and The Little Yellow One

The Gray Mouse and Roktalica

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