The story about the bunnies: The Gray One and The Yellow One

Part 1 - necrotic intestine due to corn and grains



Sebastian from Croatia


 My friend bought those two couple of months old rabbits some time during July 2007.

The Gray One and The Yellow One during young days


The Gray One

The Yellow One

They were nice. Nobody knew if they were male or female and nobody cared. That is, until 10th sept. 2007. Then The Yellow One suddenly produced 4 young ones. The Gray One was than separated the same day but it was already too late. So, The Yellow One produced another 5 young ones on Oct. 2007. One of the young ones fell through the bars of the cage and was found dead next morning. Now they were ten.

She was proud mother and The Gray One was a caring father.

The Yellow One - The Mother

The Gray One with his young ones

They were all kept in cages and occasionally they were allowed to walk around the apartment. Soon they showed their inclination to leave their feces and caecotrophes followed soon same as urine markings. The urine proved to be harmful to the ceramic floor tiles so this free roaming became quite unpopular. There was the taste for wires too and there were other things to be nibbled so this became quite complicated. There were also some plants to make inaccessible because rabbits would chew on anything without caring much for eventual consequences. So, the sooner you remove those accident possibilities less time will you spend with your vet.


Bunnies grew well as they usually do but they have explored what they could and that is the reason why The Gray One felt like sad maybe. There were lots of bunnies around but I guess he missed The Yellow One who was interested only in the young ones. And also they were kept separated as a preventive measure against producing more new bunnies.

So, I would occasionally take him with me to my place. The bunnies lived in the city of Makarska and I live in the city of Split (Croatia).

So, in Split at my place I would keep him inside the transporter I used to carry him around and that worked well. He would explore my place and that was fun for him for several times. The Gray One was fond of my balcony where I have some flowerpots and also there were some interesting noises to study. So one time I brought The Gray One to my place and went to sleep. He was in his transporter. Early in the morning, about 5 a.m. he started making noise and woke me up. That was July 2008. It was going to be nice warm day so I was thinking, maybe I should release The Gray One so he also could enjoy this nice day. So I did release him from his transporter.

Ten minutes maybe passed and I heard a single cry. It is hard to describe this cry but there was no doubt that something was about to die violently. There are cats around my house and they often hunt birds so I thought that must be it. I was still in bed, but I was curious to see what's going on, so I got up, went to the balcony ant took a look. There was nothing to see. Everything was calm and silent. Then I looked under the balcony and there was The Gray One lying. It is impossible to explain how I felt.

Anyway, he died maybe 20 minutes after I found him. A single drop of bright blood appeared on his nose. He just looked at me. I placed him on the floor hoping that somehow this was some mistake, that he will recover, I don't know. But in vain.

I guess he must have been happy and was running on the balcony but there was no fence around. Maybe he forgot that, maybe he couldn't see that well. But he fell down from the balcony.

Soon I made some rabbit fence around, so the balcony was now safe but at a steep price.

Now they were nine.


But life goes on !!!


The small Bunny's were fed with most common and the cheapest food for rabbits available. You can buy this kind of food at any general store large enough to accommodate it. It is very cheap and as much as worth. Whatever money you may save buying cheap rabbit food you will spend at least ten times more that for vet fees and bunny might easily pay for that with his life. This kind of food contains whole wheat grain, whole corn grain, some pellets and some expanded grains and who knows what else. Often there are also some dried candy fruits. And sugar is generally bad for rabbits even though they love it. And all of the bunnies eat that, except for corn. They wouldn't eat corn. But, The Yellow One, the mother loved corn. So my friend collects corn daily from other bunnies and feeds that to the mother. He now even saves money!

In the meantime, to the cage a wooden terrace was introduced so that all of them might find this somewhat interesting. Also it was meant to "to utilize" height of the cage by adding more place for hopping. Young ones loved it and mother found the shelter underneath it. So if there was some disturbing sound they would all gather underneath this terrace. Seemed convenient

The Yellow One under the terrace, the young one exploring the upper floor

The mother used to stay all the time under the terrace. There was something wrong with this but nobody knew what. That was until she stopped eating. I took her to the vet and the stasis was diagnosed. At that time stasis at rabbits and what causes it was completely terra incognita to the local vets. So they said, she must have eaten something and she must go under the surgery to remove this item. And it was done. Vet removed the part of the intestine that was necrotized. Unfortunately, she still died on 3rd Dec. 2008.

That is what the vet has removed:


The terrace was removed and quality food was introduced. No corn or whole grains of any kind.

Expensive lesson, again, though.

Now they were eight. Next: Part 2.