Hematology of the rabbits



Kim Chilson

Blood biochemistry

Complete blood count and biochemistry reference values in rabbits


Blood cells

Small mammal hematology: leukocytes identification in rabbits and guinea pigs, by Vanessa K. Lester, DVM; Heather L. Tarpley, DVM; Kenneth S. Latimer, DVM, PhD


Blood collection

Phlebotomy (blood sampling) in a rabbit

Differential diagnosis

BUN or Blood Urea Nitrogen in rabbits

Anemia in rabbits


Blood abnormalities

Drug induced folic acid (vit B9) deficiency in a hydrocephalus mini lop rabbit, by Esther van Praag

Case report: Five year old rabbit that suffers from chronic hypoalbuminemia and hyperglycemia, by Valerie Nagy and Esther Van Praag




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