Radiography of a rabbit with a mandibular jaw abscess,

incisor malocclusion and otitis media



Dr. Estella Boehmer Curo-X-Ray


Warning: this page contains pictures that may be distressing for some persons.


On the radiography, it is possible to see:

-       Malocclusion of the incisors, leading to elongatd teet devoid of cutting edge. There is apical parodontopathy at the roots of both maxillary and mandibular incisors.

-       Mandibular abscess on the right mandibular bone (green lines) red arrow). Discontinuity is observed at the ventral limits of the mandibula (red arrow)

-      Otitis media (yellow arrow).

Since the process is limited to one side (right mandibule), prognosis is favorable. There is, however, an increased risk of iatrogene fracture of the jaw bone as the ventral limits of the mandibula is discontinuous (red arrow).