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Kim Chilson


 Differential diagnosis

Corneal ulcers in rabbits

Differential diagnosis for a runny eye in rabbits

Protruding nictitating membrane (third eyelid)



White eye discharge ? 


Eye diseases

Clinical cases, by Dr. D. L. Williams

Rabbit and rodent ophtalmology, by Dr. D. L. Williams


Bacterial infections

Video: Conjunctivitis in a rabbit


Eye lens related disorders

Cataract in rabbits 

Congenital or juvenile cataract in a rabbit

Case report, Toffik presenting eye bilateral lesions and nasal crusts, by Dr. Magdalena Stasiowska


Eye gland related disorders

Meibomian cyst or the development of a white nodule on the rabbit eyelid

Prolapse of the Harderian gland or “Cherry eye”


Corneal related disorders

Corneal abrasion and ulcers

Corneal occlusion or pseudopterygium

Lipidoza albo dystrofia rogówki u królików

Anterior corneal dystrophy of american dutch belted rabbits: biomicroscopic and histopathologic findings, by C.P. Moorer, R. Dubielzigan D.S. and S.M. Glaza

Spontaneous pre-Descemet’s membrane corneal opacities in rabbits, by G. Durand-Cavagna, M-F. Hubert, G. Gerin, and S. Molon-Noblot





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