Trygge medisiner


Kim Chilson

WARNING, important !!!

Administration of drugs: the conformation of the rabbit body can be misleading...



Drug Safety, by Kathy Smith

Questions related to the administration of a drug to a rabbit, by Steve Clegg

Subcutaneous Injections in Rabbits - Drawing the medicine into a syringe, by Naomi Dutch


Analgesics (pain medication):

Analgesic drugs safe for use in rabbits



Anesthetic agents:

Pre-anesthetic drugs safe for use in rabbits

Anesthetic drugs safe for use in rabbits



Antibiotics *safe*  for use in rabbits

Cream that helps treat urine burn in rabbits, by Audrey Libouton

Antibiotics endangering the life of rabbits



Insecticidal or anti-parasitic drugs, safe for use in rabbits (table)

Drugs eliminating intestinal worms, safe for use in rabbits (table)

Treatment options for Encephalitozoon cuniculi, a protozoal parasite of the nervous system in rabbits

Prevention and treatment of Encephalitozoon cuniculi infection in rabbits with fenbendazole, by Suter C, Muller-Doblies UU, Hatt JM, Deplazes P.


Glucocorticosteroids (steroids)

Corticosteroids: best avoided in rabbits


Gut motility drugs:


Metoclopramide HCl

Use of GI stimulating drugs in rabbits suffering from diarrhea ? 


Sludge treatment

Use of liquid magnesium in rabbits with chronic sludge


 Veterinary abbreviations:

Abbreviations for administration of medications 


Thanks to Kim Chilson, for her lovely illustrations