Kim Chilson


 Differential diagnosis

A szaruhártya fekélyek okai nyulaknál

Elkülönítő diagnózis: Váladékozó szem nyulaknál

Protruding nictitating membrane (third eyelid)



White eye discharge


Eye diseases

Clinical cases, by Dr. D. L. Williams


Bacterial infections

Videó: Kötőhártya gyulladás egy fiatal nyúlnál


Eye lens related disorders

Cataract in rabbits 

Congenital or juvenile cataract in a rabbit

Case report, Toffik presenting eye bilateral lesions and nasal crusts, by Dr. Magdalena Stasiowska


Eye gland related disorders

Meibomian cyst or the development of a white nodule on the rabbit eyelid

Prolapse of the Harderian gland or “Cherry eye”


Cornea related disorders

Corneal abrasion and ulcers

Corneal occlusion or pseudopterygium

Corneal lipidosis or dystrophy in rabbits

Anterior corneal dystrophy of american dutch belted rabbits: biomicroscopic and histopathologic findings, by C.P. Moorer, R. Dubielzigan D.S. and S.M. Glaza

Spontaneous pre-Descemet’s membrane corneal opacities in rabbits, by G. Durand-Cavagna, M-F. Hubert, G. Gerin, and S. Molon-Noblot