Neurologische Krankheiten

 Katrina, by Kim Chilson



Facial paresis - Causes found in rabbits

Torticollis (Schiefhals). Ursachen und Diagnosen

“Head-down syndrome” in a rabbit - possible causes

Gehirnattacken (zerebrale Durchblutungsstörungen) Ursachen

Lähmungserscheinungen. Ursachen und Diagnosen


Bakterielle Krankheiten

Otitis media and interna (Mittlere und innere Ohr-Infektion)

Mo, my 1 year old rabbit got facial asymmetry


Encephalitozoon cuniculi

Illustrative guide of clinical signs of rabbits with E. cuniculi

Kann Encephalitozoon cuniculi, eine parasitische Protozoa des Nervensystems, mit Pyrimethamin behandelt werden ?

Prevention and treatment of Encephalitozoon cuniculi infection in rabbits with fenbendazole, by Suter C, Muller-Doblies UU, Hatt JM, Deplazes P.

Starsky und seine "Erfahrung" mit with Encephalitozoon cuniculi



Toxoplasmosis, an unrecognized parasitosis in rabbits, by Esther van Praag


Congenital syndrome

Newborn rabbit with a congenital upper eyelid agenesis and a cephalocele, by Luc Page, Michel Gruaz and Esther van Praag

Newborn rabbit with a frontal encephalocele, by Michel Gruaz et Esther van Praag


Metabolische syndrome

Heatstroke in rabbits, by Michel Gruaz, Janet Geren, Esther Van Praag

"Petit mal" or "grand mal" epileptiform manifestations in rabbits, by Linda Baley, Delia Canas, Michel Gruaz, Arie van Praag and Esther van Praag


“Floppy rabbit” or general muscular weakness

General muscle weakness or “Floppy rabbit syndrome” , by Esther van Praag

“Head-down syndrome” in a rabbit - possible causes

"Head-down syndrome" or "Syndrome of Twilight", by Suzanne Trayhan. With numerous video's.



Accidental poisoning with the Lindane pesticide in a few rabbit, by Michel Gruaz, Esther Van Praag   



Lateral ear resection in (lop) rabbits

Lateral ear canal resection and ablation in pet rabbits, by Vittorio Capello, DVM