Disorders of the urinary and reproductive systems




Differential diagnosis

Differential diagnosis for incontinence

Hematuria or the presence of blood in the urine

Mucus among urine or rabbit feces. Possible causes


 Successful recipe

Cream that helps treat urine burn in rabbits, by Audrey Libouton


Bacterial diseases

Endometritis, Orchtitis and Pyometra 

Treponematosis - rabbit syphilis – vent disease

Case report: atypical treponematosis - rabbit syphilis in a rabbit, by Tal Saarony


Hormonal disorders

Case report: bilateral symmetrical alopecia in a rabbit


Bladder and kidney stones

Normal urine and “sludge” in rabbits

Use of liquid magnesium in rabbits with chronic sludge

Nephroliths and Uroliths (calculi) in rabbits

Katrina: reduction of size of kidney stones, by Kim Chilson


Anatomy of reproductive systems

Anatomy of the female reproductive tract

Anatomy of the male reproductive tract

The reproductive system of a pregnant hermaphrodite rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus), by  E. M. Sheppard


Uterine anomalies - neoplasia

Vaginal prolapse in a female rabbit

Dyzia: respiratory difficulties and masses in uterine, lungs and lymph node, by Dr. Magdalena Stasiowska


Anomalies and congenital malformations in the male rabbit

Causes of infertility in male rabbits, by Esther van Praag, Ph.D.

Low hanging or pendulous testis caused by collagen dysplasia in some non-neutered male rabbits ? by Esther van Praag, Ph.D.

Congenital anomaly in male rabbits: split penis or hypospadias

Congenital anomaly in male rabbits: split penis or hypospadias, by Michel Gruaz, Arie van Praag and Esther van Praag



Pseudopregnancy: hay gathering and fur plucking behavior

Pregnancy toxemia, dystocia and uterine prolapse observed in does at the end of the gestation period, by Michel Gruaz, Arie van Praag, Luc Page, Esther van Praag

Rabbits all over . . . , or when reproduction gets out of control


Newborn rabbits

Causes of mortality in newborn rabbits, by Esther van Praag


Surgical procedures

Male reproductive tract and orchidectomy (castration surgery)

Ovariohysterectomy or spay of the female rabbit

Caesarean section in the female rabbit presenting a difficult delivery




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