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Yogurt or dairy products should never be fed to rabbits, for the following reasons:

-    Lactobacillus/Acidobacillus are not a natural host of the adult rabbit intestinal and, if surviving the passage through the acid stomach, it will not survive the anaerobic conditions of the cecum. The lack of adhesive capability may further prevent Lactobacilli from colonizing in the intestinal tract.

-    Adult rabbits naturally do not have the right bacteria to digest milk derivates in the cecum and intestine.

-    In the absence of those Lactobacteria, milk derivates accelerate the onset of stasis in adult rabbits.

Studies have furthermore shown that rabbits that were given cow’s milk on a daily basis during several months evidenced the development of rheumatoid like lesions. These rabbits showed increased numbers of nucleated cells and raised percentages of T lymphocytes in their synovial fluids, compared to control rabbits, and their elevation corresponded with the severity of the histological lesions. No glomerulonephritis was observed.

Yogurt diluted in water can nevertheless help rabbit suffering from intestinal bacterial disturbances et diarrhea, by protecting the endemic bacterial flora and allowing it to grow.

Yogurt drops as treats ?  Those should never be given to rabbits. They contain too much sugars, and can lead to tooth decay (observed in rabbits too).

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