Case report

Toffik presenting eye bilateral lesions and nasal crusts



Dr. Magdalena Stasiowska

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Warning: this file contains pictures that may be distressing for people.

Toffik” - intact male rabbit, 5 month old, was bought at young age in the market place. He was never vaccinated against any diseases. He was presented because of the lesions the owners have noticed inside his eye balls, otherwise Toffik appeared normal.

During the clinical examination he was in a good shape, alert and reacted normally to stimuli. The visible abnormalities were:

1)     Nose: Presence of sero-purulent discharge from the nose, which dried and formed a big, hard crust (arrows), which could not be easily removed – but it was not of the owners concern – they thought it was normal, because the rabbit did not show any discomfort and did not rub the nose, which seemed strange, because it is a common sign of the „running nose”.

2)     Eyes: bilateral lesions - the purulent discharge in the anterior chamber, hyperemia (excess presence of blood) and edema (abnormal accumulation of fluids) of the iris, which are consisting signs with phacoclastic uveitis. The condition is caused by Encephalitozoon cuniculi invasion or bacterial infection, mostly with Pasteurella sp.

I have removed the crust from the nose and took some material for the culture. The result was negative for fungi, but the massive growth of beta-hemolytic streptococci and Enterobacter sp. was noted. Both bacteria strains were sensitive to enrofloxacin only. Toffik was started on enrofloxacin given orally twice a day for a week, then once a day for the next week. Besides the owners were advised to give him eye drops 3-4 times a day, one week NSAID’s and the other one steroid.

After the treatment the ocular lesion became less apparent, but there was not complete healing. The nose discharge was no longer present. The rabbit was feeling very good and the owners did not agree for the further tests. The pictures were made during initial presentation and after 2 weeks of treatment.

The crusts around the nose cleared nicely after two weeks of treatment with enrofloxacin