Warum leiden Hauskaninchen so häufig an Gebiss-

und Verdauungsproblemen?

Ein Ratgeber für die Ernährung von Kaninchen.



(Why do pet rabbits suffer so often from dentition and digestion problems ?)

(A guide for the nutrition of rabbits)


Dr. E. Böhmer


Curriculum vitae


since 1982

Scientific assistant at the chirurgical Animal clinic of the University of München (Germany)


Doctorate on the theme:
„Beckenfrakturen und -luxationen bei der Katze in den Jahren 1975-1982“

(Pelvis fractures and - luxation with the cat in the years 1975-1982)

(magna cum laude)

since 1987

Specialist veterinarian for surgery

since 1991

Academic counsellor

since t 2004

Additional qualification in dentistry

since 2009


One of my main fields of interest since 1996 is Dentistry of Lagomorphs and Rodents.

In days where the use of radiography was barely done in these animals (early 1980’s), the sole “shortening” of elongated incisors and/or cheek teeth seemed unsatisfactory to me. Many patients suffered from a continuing lack of appetite in spite of dental correction and advice on diet (increasing the portion of hay versus the rest of the food) or refusing to eat at all or would come back to the clinic with abscesses that were difficult to treat. The radiographic techniques had to be improved and had to be established as a standard of treatment for dental patients.

With time, it turned out that we do not deal only with dental problems in rabbits and rodents, but also have to fight (often secondary) stomach and intestinal problems that are hard to figure out and diagnose.  

Again and again, rabbits suffer from bezoars in the stomach, which remain unrecognized or that are diagnosed too late.

That has encouraged me to write this book...

It's very profoundly written, with a lot of anatomy and details about the digestive physiology. Things a lot of vets are not familiar with as well. It explains the reference line sytem that I developed for proper trimming of the cheek teeth as well and the need to perform an excellent diagnosis before starting a treatment. For me, too many vets trim rabbit teeth without knowing what's going on. We should change this with the aid of better informed rabbit owners. This was my intention for writing this book.

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